Past CAATS Scholars

Class of 2023

2023 Recipients

Will Meisenheimer (University of Texas)
Wes Walker (Colorado School of Mines)
Alexandra Delgado (University of Texas)
Cung Lian (University of Arkansas)

Class of 2022

2022 Recipients

Brandon Beller (Texas A&M)
Kyle Moran (Texas A&M)
Lauren Baronoskie (University of Texas)
Will Brokaw (Texas A&M)

Class of 2021

2021 Recipients

Ellie Beller (Texas A&M)
Loretta David (Northwestern)
Not pictured: Wesley Cannatti (Oklahoma State)

Class of 2020

2020 Recipients

Jack Hutton (University of Texas)
Katie Spalding (University of Oklahoma)
Lauren Moran (Texas A&M)
Corbin Youngblood (Baylor University)
Maya Lofty (Texas A&M)

Class of 2019

2019 Recipients

Allison Cannatti (Vanderbilt)
Kate Moseley (TCU)
Will Haskins (Texas A&M)
Cormick Stockham (Clemson)
Gabe Olivo (University of Texas)
Not pictured: Blake Addison (Texas A&M)

Class of 2018

2018 Recipients

Erin Wilhelm (Abilene Christian University)
Colt Brock (Georgia Tech)
Georgia Bond (A&M)
Trey Reed (Northwestern)
Tysen Auldridge (West Texas A&M)
Craig Casler (University of Texas)

Class of 2017

2017 Recipients

Monica Lira (University of North Texas)
Samantha Fowler (Rice University)
Michael Anowey (University of Texas)
Brooke Elkjer (University of Southern California)
Jonathan Curnutt (Harding University)

Class of 2016

2016 Recipients

Josh Garwood (University of Texas)
Lizzie Boonahoom (University of Texas)
Ella Wasser (Abilene Christian University)
Matt Wieters (University of Arkansas)
Not pictured: Rachel Willard (University of Oklahoma)

Class of 2015

2015 Recipients

Diana Monyancha (University of Texas at Arlington)
Leona Michael (Lamar University)
Madison Wachel (Baylor University)
Dominik Fritz (Pensselaer Polytechnic)
Not pictured: Semien Hagos (University of Arkansas)

Class of 2014

2014 Recipients

Diana Damian
Eric Speer (Vanderbilt University)
Ari Solorio (University of North Texas)
Anastasia Kovanova (University of Texas at Dallas)
Bonnie Johnson (University of Texas)

Class of 2013

2013 Recipients

Elisabeth Wall (Texas A&M University)
Tha Hnem (University of Texas at Arlington)
Melinda Rowe (Texas State University)
Kyle Kennedy (Abilene Christian University)
Adam Morrissey (University of Texas)

Class of 2012

2012 Recipients

Randall Howard (Henderson State University)
Pelumi Wemida (University of Houston)
Sarah Dossou (Texas Women's University)
Yordi Calix (University of Texas at Arlington)
Andrea Beard (Hardin Simmons University)

Class of 2011

2011 Recipients

Emily Graham (Texas A&M University)
Kaneisha Brackens (University of North Texas)
Said Navarro (Texas A&M University)
Lauren Villanueva (University of Oklahoma)
Ben Wolf (University of Virginia)

Class of 2010

2010 Recipients

Morgan Hancock (Baylor University)
Katie York (University of Texas)
Ricky Zorn (Harvard University)
Elizabeth Koepke (Abilene Christian University)
Fernando Morales
Not pictured: Ben Wieters (Texas Tech University)

Recipient Testimonials


Will Haskins
Texas A&M University

Will Haskins

Having the opportunity to receive the R.M. CAATS scholarship has not only been a huge blessing on my family financially, but it has helped me maintain good grades, as well as forced me to get involved at Texas A&M. Through this, I have made lifelong friendships that might not have been made if I hadn't been challenged by the R.M. CAATS scholarship. I am extremely thankful for getting to be one of the recipients of a scholarship that has pushed me to be the best man I can be.

Trey Reed

Trey Reed

I am extremely grateful for the R.M. CAATS scholarship because of the support it provides me to pursue my dreams of obtaining a higher education. The scholarship is a constant reminder to keep me focused and motivated to build my career.

Andrea Beard
Hardin Simmons University

Andrea Beard

I would like to say a huge thank you to the R.M. CAATS Scholarship donors. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude that I have for your support. The scholarship has been a tremendous financial blessing on my collegiate career, and I have enjoyed keeping in touch with your family. As Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world," and with support from the R.M. CAATS Scholarship, I hope to do just that! Thanks again.

Pelumi Wemida
University of Houston

Pelumi Wemida

When one begins college, they look for a sense of stability or something they can rely on. R.M. CAATS was that for me. I could always count on them to assist me financially as long as I was doing my part academically. They're not just there to give money either. They truly care about my well-being and progression through school and it's challenges. I feel blessed to be assisted by R.M. CAATS and I'm sure anyone else will feel the same way.

Kaneisha Brackens
University of North Texas

Kaneisha Brackens

Being a recipient of the R.M. CAATS Scholarship has not only helped fund my undergraduate college career, but also gave me a support system of people who truly believe in my success. Thank you R.M. CAATS for this amazing opportunity and helping to shape my future.

Tha Hnem
U. of Texas at Arlington

Tha Hnem

I am very grateful for the R.M. CAATS scholarship. Because of this, I am being able to pay for my education and continue following my career. The scholarship makes me dream bigger.

Ricky Zorn
Harvard University

Ricky Zorn

During my time at Harvard University, R.M.CAATS encouraged me to make an impact not just in the classroom, but in the lives of others around me as well. Writing a recap each semester to the scholarship held me accountable, helped me synthesize the difficulties and blessings of the semester, and helped me clarify goals for the coming year. I am so thankful to have been the recipient of a scholarship that influences the character and commitment of its recipients like R.M.CAATS.

Sarah Dossou
Texas Women's University

Sarah Dossou

"Don't give up; the beginning is always the hardest." – Kemmy Nola
I am currently a senior in college, excelling academically while being involved in many organizations . . . this would have not been possible without the contribution of the R.M. CAATS Scholarship. Starting every semester, knowing I could count on this scholarship to get my books has always been an awesome feeling.

Eric Speer
Vanderbilt University

Eric Speer

The R.M. CAATS scholarship has helped me in alleviating the stress of the financial burden of secondary education, and led me to truly appreciate the Lake Highlands community and how much they have invested into me. Each semester I get to share how I am helping others with the R.M. CAATS scholarship committee and reflect on my own endeavors in college. At first glance that may seem not entirely fulfilling, yet something as simple as this challenges me to devote myself even more to the lives of others and to my education.

Rachel Willard
Oklahoma University

Rachel Willard

Being selected as a recipient of the R.M. CAATS scholarship award my senior year of high school was an incredible honor, as I know that they are very selective in who they choose. With this scholarship, I have been able to stress less over paying for my education and focus more on working hard to get my degree. The R.M. CAATS scholarship organization's support does not stop after you receive your scholarship. They have continued to care for and support me throughout my college career, and this is something that is very unique. They care about how I am doing in school and encourage me to get involved on campus and make a difference, which is something that they have given me the ability to do with their generous donation to my education. My college experience would not be the same without their continued support for me.

Michael Anowey
University of Texas


As an R.M. CAATS Scholar, I have been granted the opportunity to further my education with ease. A long time dream of becoming an Architect has finally began undergoing a gradual manifestation. The R.M. CAATS scholarship is, not only an opportunity for educational funding, but it is a medium of youth advancement. It encourages people, my age, to explore their talents and interests, to the fullest, without having to worry about the monetary attachments to it. In sum, this scholarship has gone a long way in guaranteeing me a brighter future.